NC Licensed General Contractors need 8 hours of Continuing Education by November 30 every year.  This includes a two hour course created by the Licensing Board and 6 more hours. Every course we offer is approved by the NC Board of General Contractors!

The Only Talk Show Style Webinar!




What makes our courses standout?
A passion for teaching!

  • Hey Jeff, I don't have all day. Can I sign up for just one course?

    Having worked as a licensed contractor, I know days rarely go as planned. We allow you to sign up for courses (sessions) individually. Just click on the registration link and select the course session YOU want to take. Pay only for the session you take. Whether you have all day or just a few hours, you are in control.
  • Why are your courses more expensive?
    Most continuing education courses are written by full time contractors - resulting in quickly produced death by PowerPoint productions. Here at cLearn we think continuing education can bring you factual information in an entertaining format. That's why we seek out industry experts to interview. Professionally recorded and edited videos are augmented by live co-host interactions in a talk show format.

    Our course cost more because we put more into them!
  • A talk show CE course? What's up with that?
    Wow, that is a great question. Over the years, I have had to take a lot of continuing education classes. Every year I find myself sitting in a course taught by just another professional in the same industry as me. Almost always resulting in an incestuous death by PowerPoint wasted day. Enough! I have a BS in creating adult education so let's get started. We seek out EXPERTS on the topic. Then we interview them asking real questions, unrehearsed and recorded. As we play the interviews Martha does her best to keep me on track as we discuss their information in more detail. Why can't CE be entertaining and informative?
  • How do you find your experts?
    With a lot of research! Once a concept for a course is identified, we start to research it. After we scour places like Linkin and Google articles, we reach out to the desired professionals. Of course, we compensate our expert speakers to avoid self-market. Once the interview is complete, we fact-check and edit the content to bring you the most accurate information available.

    An average course can take up to 4 weeks to produce! We think it's worth it!
  • I took your classes last year. Do you have new courses this year?
    Absolutely. Our "interview the expert" concept is the only one like it anywhere! It takes time to record the interview. Then the footage is edited, and the course is created. After that, The approval process can take weeks.

    In addition to the 12 hours of CE from last year, we have 6 more hours pending this year. Including "An Employer's Guide to Health Insurance" and "Helical Foundation Systems"
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"I will look forward to many other CE Classes as well. It was enjoyable and worthwhile."


Charlotte, NC

"It was refreshing to hear the material from a working professional, instead of somebody who wouldn’t know the business end of a hammer unless there was a how-to video. You found a way to make the classes fun and interesting. I’m looking forward to the next class"


Chapel Hill, NC

"Jeff kept it light-hearted, informative, interactive & the time passed quickly. Thank you!"


Chapel Hill, NC

Do You Know Your Qualifier Number

Continuing Education is tracked by your qualifier number. That is a different number than your license number!

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