Our Classes Meet All of the Requirements of the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors.

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What are OUR courses about?
You'll need 8 hours to renew so we've listed full descriptions here!

  • What is the difference between "Package A" and "Package B" ?
    Package A includes the Human Resource series designed for builders with employees. Whether it is 5 or 50 you will gain insight on how to recruit top talent!

    Package B is designed for builders who focus on Remodels and Additions. Learn the secrets of award winning remodelers to save time and money!
  • 0092 HR - Attracting Exceptional Talent - 4 hours
    Did you know that it takes an average of 27 working days to hire a new employee (an all-time high!) By the end of this course, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to attract, identify, and retain the best talent for any position you need to fill.

    Instructor Jeff Makey teams up with seasoned HR professionals Allison Jorden and Jim Hemphill.
  • 0069 Surge Protection 101 Educate, Protect and Sell - 2 hours
    Have you ever wondered why that LED light bulb didn’t last as long as it should have? Or why your Smart TV flickers and you have to reboot?

    The average home has over $10,000 worth of electronics that can be damaged by surges. Don't let your clients get left in the dark!
  • 2021 NCLBGC Mandatory Course - 2 hours
    Every year the NC Licensing Board will produce a 2 hour course on codes, legislation and other important information. Everyone MUST have the mandatory course every year.
  • 0174 Sitting Down with a Structural Engineer - 2 hours
    With the vast majority of NC General Contractors working as residential builders, there is a disconnect between these professionals and structural engineers. This interview style curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between contractor, engineer and owner allowing a more productive and lower cost solutions to residential and smaller commercial projects.

    Jeff Makey has an open conversation with Nicholas Lutzweiler, P.E
  • 0175 No Free Estimates For Remolding, Renovations and Additions- 2 hours
    Any builder in the remodeling and renovation business has experienced trying to calculate free estimates before the client even has a plan! Wasting hours if not weeks of time and frustrating your trade contractors too! But we don’t stop there. Moving on to client management, access and warranty expectations, learn the secrets of other successful General Contractors working exclusively in the remodeling and renovation fields!

    Gus Adams joins Instructor Jeff Makey sharing secrets of success never heard before!


"I will look forward to many other CE Classes as well. It was enjoyable and worthwhile."


Charlotte, NC

"It was refreshing to hear the material from a working professional, instead of somebody who wouldn’t know the business end of a hammer unless there was a how-to video. You found a way to make the classes fun and interesting. I’m looking forward to the next class"


Chapel Hill, NC

"Jeff kept it light-hearted, informative, interactive & the time passed quickly. Thank you!"


Chapel Hill, NC

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